Pre-Primary 3-6 Years

There are five main areas in the pre-primary environment.

Practical life

Exercises in practical life are taken from everyday life such as pouring, spooning, food preparation, polishing and sweeping. They lead a child to independence through concentrated purposeful activity.


Children are introduced to geography, biology, history, art and science through carefully designed Montessori materials that consolidate the sensorial and language curriculum. For example, globes introduce them to the geography of the world - its land and water.


Montessori materials are colourful and textured and appeal to the senses of a child. They are grouped together by shape, size, colours, sound, texture, temperature and form. They become the basis for maths, language and the arts.


The 3-6 Montessori environment is rich in materials for oral and written language. The moveable alphabet, metal insects, letters with phonic sounds allow children to create their own worlds and stories before they can read. The progression of reading exercises in the classroom leads to early, fluent, joyful reading.


Montessori mathematical materials introduce children to mathematical concepts in concrete form. Working with materials such as golden beads, the pink tower, the chair cabinet prepares the child for future abstract mathematical concepts. Read more.