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The Children’s House Primary is a Montessori Primary School which welcomes children from three years of age and provides education for them until the age of twelve (or 6th Class equivalent) to the highest standards.

Being a Montessori school of high standing, established in 1952, our main goal is to create a home away from home for the children where they are stimulated, inspired, grow and flourish while learning how to be well rounded human beings who are prepared for the world of tomorrow.

The Montessori approach recognises certain developmental stages in the child’s life.

Maria Montessori observed that these went approximately in three year cycles and our approach to schooling follows these cycles. During the first three years of life the child is learning life skills.

Montessori 3-6 environments provide opportunities for children of this age to explore and grow.

About Montessori Childrens House Primary
About Montessori Childrens House Primary

Our Montessori 3-6 class Class is set over a three-year period, with children usually commencing around their third birthday and remaining at school for nine terms until they are about six.

The third year coincides with Senior Infants at other schools. It is very important that the children stay for this third year as it consolidates their knowledge and gives them a strong sense of responsibility.

Our extended day programme until 3pm is available to all children over the age of 3 who are ready for the longer day.

The three year cycle continues into Primary, where the groupings are generally ages 6-12.

We have a flexible intake into Primary from the Pre-Primary 3-6 class, according to the child’s readiness.

Again, it is important to commit to the three year cycles so that the child gets the most out of the developmental stage, having a turn at being the youngest as well as the oldest in the class.

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About Montessori Childrens House Primary

Excellence of Education for 70 Years

The Children’s House Primary reached its 70th Anniversary in 2022, with over 80 children attending the school and constantly forging ahead and striving to fulfill Maria Montessori’s work:

‘…not in the service of any political or social creed but in the service of the complete human being, able to exercise in freedom a self-disciplined will and judgement’.

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We are a member of the Association of Independent Junior Schools (AIJS).  The Children's House Primary takes part in many of the activities organised by member schools, such as, the AIJS Art, Photography, Handwriting and Short Story competitions, Drama workshops and  Music Festivals.

Our staff are members of the Association of AMI Teachers of Ireland (AATI) and regularly attend refresher workshops run by the AATI, indeed many of these are hosted by The Children's House Primary. Alison Pigot, our Deputy Principal, is President of the AATI.