These things helped me to become the Independent person I am now & make up my own mind on what I like to do & feel about things:
In the Junior Class you could choose your own work and move around the classroom. You could also choose who to have snack with and to sit with as well as when to have your snack.In the Senior Classes you could correct younger children’s work, as well as, call out spellings on Fridays.
You were encouraged to do projects about your own interests, as well as planning of school tours & outings & writing the Christmas plays. Because there were no formal sports at lunch, you could make up or play your own games in the garden.


Parents’ & Past Pupils’ Testimonials Video

It’s a beautiful, kind atmosphere where both my daughters have been extremely happy attending – thanks to all those who work at The Children’s House Primary.

My child loves attending The Children’s House Primary. I love the attitude and the way the Montessori method is implemented.

Yes, a lovely, friendly and open school. It has a real community feel. Lots of social events and education evenings to help parents to get to know each other and better understand the methods at the school.

The school provides attention and personal care to each and every student, giving them a warm cosy environment. The Montessori method is a unique way of learning for kids without putting pressure on them.

Some Comments from Parents,


“This is the type of school where people think about you and care for each other.”

A 6-9 Class Pupil,


“We’re allowed to leave the classroom if we want to because the teacher trusts us”.



Some memorable sentiments from the Graduation Speeches from the class of 2019:

I’ve loved my time here for so many reasons, like the people, the teachers, the community spirit and also the Montessori method, which gives me so much more freedom than I would have in any other school…

This has by far been the best year of my life…

I can safely say that nearly every day here has been a good day…

I love the freedom in our school and the Montessori method. Even now when I do fractions I picture the red material in my head and it makes everything a lot easier…

2019 Graduates,


I’m not sure how developed my independence of thought is now as an adult but I do know that I remember how engaged I was when working independently at The Children’s House. It is fantastic to have experienced the Montessori method. It is a lesson in seeing that there is another way.

Past Pupil,


I spent 9 years in The Children’s House and these 9 years taught me a lot. As well as a strong academic side because of the use of the materials it helped to plant a seed of confidence and determination. I learnt to work by myself, for myself and also as part of a team. In the Children’s House you are never worried about asking questions if you don’t understand something. In The Children’s House everyone’s opinions matter and you really have a say.

The Children’s House has taught me so many things but mostly it has taught me about staying true to yourself and to always treat others as you would want to be treated. I loved my time there and I love secondary school now (though maybe not so much the homework!!).

Zoe Morris, A Children’s House Graduate,


I was a student in the Children’s House for 4 years from 1965-69 and my children during the noughties.
The stand out for me was the strong foundations it gave to me, my children but also observed peers of both generations, for subsequent schooling at both Primary and Secondary level and beyond.
Central to these foundations were:

  • support for thinking for one’s self
  • developing a sense of wonder
  • and encouragement to explore

In short, independent thinking.

Past Pupil,


How TCH helped develop my Independence of Thought

I was in the CH for 9 years from 2004 until 2013. I was in the Junior, the Middle Class and the Senior Class.The CH is a school where everyone is usually working on something different. We were all in the same classroom but doing different things. I remember in the small class you didn’t have to think too much about what everyone else was doing. Just on what you were doing. I think that helped you to become focused in your own work and what excited you and interested you.

In the Senior Class I remember that it was OK to just do your own project or to watch someone else doing theirs, or you could work in a team. So having that choice about how you learnt things and how you worked got you to think about things in different ways and to realise that there wasn’t just the one way.

What I also remember was that every idea or comment you might make on a topic or about something we were discussing as a class was listened to. No one ever told you that you were wrong. Usually Ms Kuh would say “mmm that is interesting”, so in that way you never felt that you should all be thinking the same thing but that all sorts of different thoughts were welcome. In fact, you could were encouraged to think about really unusual angles on things, and today I see that as thinking outside the box! I am pretty good at that!

I think my time at the CH has helped me to feel confident in making comments that are different to other people and also the confidence to contribute.

I also think that I am not a “herd” man or a “agree with everything that someone else said because they are important” man. It’s good to just be your own man.

Naoise Lynch, A Children’s House Graduate,


Today just reinforces what we believed a Montessori classroom is like and it is wonderful. The Directresses have so much confidence in the children and the children prove themselves and prove the confidence is justified.

Ann-Marie Hardiman, Board Member, Drumnigh Montessori Primary School,


It was a great experience to visit the school today and to observe the way children learn and interact in the classroom. There’s a friendly and calm atmosphere in the classrooms and the children seem to enjoy their learning experience.

Eva Goussot, Secretary to the Board, Drumnigh Montessori Primary School,