Extra-curricular Activities

The school offers a number of extra-curricular activities for the Senior Class (6-12 year olds), such as, Drama and Yoga.  KarateDance, or Soccer (in rotation) and Basketball are offered during school hours,

Karate, Dance or Soccer are done on Fridays during school hours (in rotation).

  • Edd Charmant, our Karate teacher, has his own karate school, Morning Star Dojo.
  • Dance is provided by  Kinetix Dance.
  • Basketball takes place on Wednesdays during school hours and is led by Ciaran McEvily.
  • Our Yoga teacher Eike runs her own Yoga studio, Purely Yoga, and has been with us for many years.
  • William Mansfield is our Drama teacher. He also teaches in St Andrew’s College and St.Killian’s School.  He has been involved in teaching drama for many years and has led many successful productions with young people.