Our Staff

The staff of The Children’s House Primary are led by the Principal Micaela Kuh, AMI (Sion Hill & Bergamo) MA (T.C.D.). Micaela has an international background and has taught children from the age of 3-12 in Montessori schools in both the U.S. and Australia before returning to Ireland. She became Principal of The Children’s House Primary in 2006.  She also teaches the 9-12 Class.

Micaela is an AMI 6-12 Auxiliary Trainer and has examined Montessori students in China, Thailand, India, Italy, France and Switzerland. She has an MA in English, Psychology and Fine Arts from Trinity College Dublin and AMI Training in 3-6 (AMI Dublin) and 6-12 (AMI Bergamo). Micaela loves language, art and travel.

The Directresses of The Children’s House Primary are professional educators in Montessori. The majority have AMI Montessori qualifications as well as degrees spanning Mathematics, Psychology, English, Fine Arts, History and Special Educational Needs. Their Montessori diplomas are recognised at a Hetac Level 7 or higher.

The staff have both the education and experience to allow them to provide the optimum environment for each child’s maximum emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual development.

The Children’s House Primary staff attend regular staff development in-service sessions, national and international workshops so as to refresh their professional knowledge and adapt to changes in the contemporary educational environment. Professional growth is fundamental to all at The Children's House Primary.

Doctor Montessori chose the name ‘Directress’ to describe a teacher who facilitates and guides the child. The basic principle of Montessori Education is respect for the child in the learning process. It is as much an acute understanding of how children acquire knowledge, as it is helping them to discover the knowledge that sets the Montessori teacher apart. Montessori teachers regard themselves as facilitators who present that knowledge at the right stage in the child’s development. They place great importance on preserving the child’s self-esteem in a non-competitive classroom environment. They work with the children individually, helping each child to develop to his/her maximum potential.

Nicola Corr

Nicola Corr is an AMI trained 3-6 and 6-12 Directress. She has been working with the 6-9 Class in The Children’s House Primary since 2005. Before joining The Children’s House Primay, Nicola worked with the 3-6 age group in Cork. Nicola has also trained with the Dyslexia Association of Ireland and works closely with children with Specific Learning Difficulties. Outside of work Nicola loves to travel and bring her experiences back into the classroom.

Nicola Corr

Heather Gleeson

Heather joined the Children’s House Primary in 2014. She completed her Montessori training in AMI, Dublin in 2007 and holds an AMI 3-6 Diploma. Heather enjoys doing creative projects with children. She continues to learn about the Montessori method  at every opportunity including a recent AMI Mathematics Refresher course with Ruby Lau. Additionally she has trained with the Dyslexia Association of Ireland as it is an area of interest. Besides teaching Heather’s other interests include baking, cooking and reading.

Heather Gleeson

Aisling Hale

Aisling is in charge of Learning Support in The Children’s House Primary. Aisling joined The Children’s House Primary in 2003. She holds an AMI Primary (3-6) Diploma and an AMI Elementary (6-12) Diploma along with a Benincasa Certificate in Special Education from AMI Dublin. She has extensive training in the area of Special and Inclusive Education. She has gained a Post-graduate Diploma in Learning Support and Resource Teaching from Froebel and a Masters in Special and Inclusive Education from Roehampton University, London. Aisling also trained with the Dyslexia Association of Ireland as a tutor. She has recently completed the Leadership for Inclusion for the Early Years Course to become an Inclusion Co-ordinator.

Aisling Hale

Orla O’Duffy

Orla is an AMI trained 3-6+ Directress (Sion Hill). She spent two years working in a Montessori school in New York before returning to Ireland. She has been teaching young children for 35 years. Orla also spent some time doing voluntary work in Kenya. Orla attended a Montessori school herself from the age of 3! Outside work Orla enjoys singing and is a member of two choirs. She is a keen but often frustrated golfer!

Alison Pigot

Alison holds an AMI 3-6 Montessori Diploma, has over 30 years experience and is our Deputy Principal. Having originally studied Mathematics and Psychology at UCD she felt that her calling was the teaching of young children. Over the years she has taken part in many refresher courses run all over the world by AMI Montessori. She was President of the AATI in Ireland for many years. Recently she completed a Certificate in Special and Inclusive education run by DCU and St Patrick’s College of Education. Alison has a passion for  hockey, sailing,  golf and gardening. She encourages the children to look after our beautiful garden here in The Children’s House Primary.

Alison Pigot

Janet Irwin 

Janet holds AMI 3-6 and 6-12 diplomas and a Benincasa Diploma in Special Education. She has taught children in 3-6, 6-9 and 9-12 Montessori classes. For nineteen years she taught all subjects including EAL (English as an Additional Language) in a boarding school for Mexican girls in Co. Wicklow.

Janet was an AMI National Examiner for twenty years for the 6-12 Training Course in Dublin. She joined TCHP in 2020 and works in the 9-12 class. She also shares her great love of handcraft with the 6-12 children. She is very keen on life-long learning.

Outside of school, Janet loves playing tennis, quilt making, travelling, gardening and doing many different crafts!

Deirdre Bascug

Deirdre has a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood from the Philippines. She also received her AMI 3-6 Diploma from Santiago de Compostela. She is currently doing the AMI 6-12 Orientation course. Deirdre has a lot of experience working with young children. She helps run our After School programme.

Outside of working with children, Deirdre likes to travel, bake and do handcrafts.

Eike Treanor

Eike is the founder of Purely Yoga, which began in 2005. She has been teaching yoga to all ages since 2005.  She trained at Birthright & The Elbow Room. In addition, she received specialized training in children’s yoga from the Yoga Bugs program along with many other yoga courses. Eike is also an accredited Play Therapist.

She has taught yoga for children at The Children’s House Primary for over 15 years and teaches in many other local schools. Some of our past pupils still practise Yoga with Eike in their senior schools.

When not teaching or practicing yoga, Eike enjoys keeping fit, playing board games & Uno with her own children and trying out new sports!

William Mansfield

William joined The Children’s House Primary over a decade ago. As a retired school Principal he is now dedicating himself to drama. He has taught many classes over the years as well as directed plays and musicals. He has  been a member of St Patrick’s Dramatic Society, Dalkey for 40 years during which time he has acted and directed on the All-Ireland One Act circuit and in the Pavilion Theatre. A great guide of TCHP productions over the years he states, “I believe that what children bring to drama is fascinating with their energy and different perspective”.

Edd Charmant

Edd joined The Children’s House Primary in 2007 as Friday karate teacher. He has a great interest in the benefits of sport/physical activities & fitness on positive mental/emotional wellbeing.

Edd has been instructing students (from 4yrs to adults 70yrs) nationally & internationally for over 30yrs. He holds black belt degrees in various martial arts including a 4th dan in Shotokan karate. He gained an instructor’s licence in 2007 from the JKS. He holds a certificate in Embedding mental health in a curriculum,  a BA degree in Economics & Archaeology, a diploma in computer animation, graphics & multimedia applications.

Edd is a professional media composer/music producer with many TV credits  and holds certificates & diplomas in cinematic music composition/ virtual orchestration & production.

Celia Morrissey

Celia recently joined the staff at The Children’s House Primary in 2019. She trained in Sion Hill, Co.Dublin and holds the AMI 3~6 Diploma, AMI 6~12 Diploma, the Benincasa Certification in Special Education and has over 35 years teaching experience across all the age groups. Celia also enjoys golf, gardening and a more recent interest is bird watching!

Karen Hogan

Karen joined the school in 2013, coming from a background in healthcare management. She had over twenty years of experience as a First Aid instructor working mainly with children.

Since then, she has completed courses in Early Learning Education and Special Needs Training. She now holds a diploma in Early Childhood Care and education, with a focus on children with additional needs. She is continuing to learn about the Montessori method at every opportunity.

Outside the school, Karen’s interests are First Aid, Crafting, Fashion, and Interior Design.

Rhona Reedie

Rhona joined TCHP in 2013 as our Administrator. She has a Master’s Degree in English Literature and an RSA Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign language.  She has taught English in many countries including India, Turkey, Kuwait and Egypt. While working on an education development project in Saudi Arabia she met her Irish husband and since then Ireland has been her home!

She enjoys art, crafts and travel and is currently studying Textiles part-time at NCAD so as to further expand her skills in this area.