Winter Newsletter 2014

Dear Children’s House Families

Another action packed term has flown by. Your children have continued to grow and flourish.

As you have recently experienced the term has culminated with each class’s annual Nativity Play.  The children displayed great enthusiasm, cohesiveness and confidence on stage. They were able to work enthusiastically as part of their corresponding teams. As I said on the day, it is wonderful to witness through the three year cycles, seeing their confidence grow with each passing year. The content of the plays was as always moving and even brought on a few parental tears.

The Senior Class nativity play displayed the culmination of many years of the ‘Montessori Approach’ in action. The 9-12’s wrote the play, adapted and rewrote contemporary lyrics and choreographed the dances.

An effusive and heart-felt congratulations is due to Zoe, Jessica and Rose, who with the help of Milla adapted, wrote and created a performance for all to be proud of. It couldn’t have been achieved without the stellar cast who from the age of 6 gave their utmost to their performance. Well done all! Broadway watch out!

Well done to all the children for their hard work throughout the term. Thank you to our dedicated Directresses for their daily commitment to the children of our school. Thank you to Rhona for your support as well and to Ann FitzGerald and the Board for your tireless work behind the scenes. Thank you to the Parent Volunteer Group.

We wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a New Year with many dreams coming true. Looking forward to seeing you in the New Year.


MIcaela Kuh





Once up in the dark blue sky

A little star began to cry

“I want to have some fun”, said he

His Mum said, “You will, don’t you see,

I once was little just like you,

And now you know what I can do”,

So the little star set off that night,

The moon was shining full and bright.



At last he looked down and saw,

A man and woman obeying the law,

By going to Bethlehem to be counted,

And on a donkey they were mounted,

One of them looked out afar,

“Look Joseph”, she said, “It’s a shooting star”.


Then the star moved to a hill,

Where some shepherds were sitting on a mill,

Suddenly, there was a bright flash of light,

And an angel appeared out of the night,

You must go to Bethlehem now,

Without one fight or little row,

Up there, that star will lead you to,

A stable that will welcome you.

Then the three Kings the star found,

And to Bethlehem they were bound,

One had a telescope and one a map,

And the other she wanted to take a nap,

The one with the telescope saw the star,

“Look, that’s what we have to follow, follow afar”,

So the start set off, followed by the three men,

And saw the stable, a cosy little den.


The star stayed outside,

And the rest went inside,

And met eachother for the first time,

They were the shepherds singing a rhyme,

There were the three wise men,

Beside a speckled hen,

There was an angel with a halo round its head,

And there was Jesus in his little bed.


The star said goodbye to everyone,

And went home for he was done,

He told the story, in all its glory,

Once up in the dark, blue sky.


By Jessica Bell, aged 11



The message of Christmas is one of hope, the gift of Christmas is one of joy and the heart of Christmas is made of love, Throughout the year, our children are encouraged to hope and to dream. Their environment is filled with the joy of learning, the joy of sharing and the joy of appreciating our wonderful world. They do this all in an atmosphere of love and compassion, where they are cared for and nurtured to be themselves by their Directresses. So for our children, at The Children’s House, it is Christmas every day of the year! We entrust our children to the guidance of the Directresses and we as parents are so grateful for all that they do to create this wonderful environment of hope, joy and compassion for our children. Thank you one and all and Happy Christmas to all the wonderful staff at The Children’s House.




We are pleased to announce that:

  • Connor Mullin from The Children’s House came second in the 1st/2nd Class Competition.
  • John Mullin from The Children’s House came first in the 3/4th Class competition
  • Johanna Mullin from The Children’s House came first in the 5/6th Class competition
  • Zoe Morris from The Children’s House came second in the 5/6th Class competition.

Well done to our budding photographers!!