My transition from Montessori school to secondary school by Leah Morris

Albert Einstein once said ‘The important thing is to never stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing’ and I think this quote captures the true essence of what Montessori really is, learning combined with understanding and curiosity. Montessori nurtures young minds into not just accepting that what people say is true but proving it to yourself and I think this has really stood to me as I transitioned into secondary school.

Before I made the transition from Montessori school to secondary school I must admit I was a little apprehensive as I didn’t know anyone who would be attending the same school as me and as you can imagine scared out of my brains because for the first time in nine years I would be leaving the nurturing arms of The Children’s House and venturing on to new challenges but I was mistaken within a week or so we weren’t all girls staring at each other we became friends, I think that the reason I found it so easy to make friends so quickly was because of Montessori and how you learn to deal with people of all ages and without Montessori I don’t think making friends would have come as easily as it did to me.

The school work was something I didn’t even give a thought of worry towards and rightly so. Montessori prepared me as much as it possibly could have for the work, tests and everyday classes. I would even go as far as saying that I had at least perused over about ninety percent of everything we did in first year. The languages I encountered I all ready had a basic grasp on and I felt as though for all the subjects across the board they weren’t new to me. I knew how to revise when it came to exams and I felt very familiar with the subjects as I ventured through first year.

I think Montessori has really stood to me and will as I venture out past secondary school and into the real world and I will always remember my time in The Children’s House with a loving heart. The Children’s House was more then just a school to me it was like a second home.