Reviews of ‘Positive Parenting’

One of the core aims at the Children’s House is to work with our parent body to help support them in their important role of guiding and nurturing their children. With this in mind we have help two Parent Education evenings this year.

They were both inspiring and well attended.

In October we spoke about “The Mathematical Mind” and in March we had an outside speaker, Gaye Mullen, talk about “Parenting the Montessori Way”

Positive Parenting

I found the talk by this Montessori teacher and mother very supportive. I found the talk by this Montessori teacher and mother very supportive. She reminded us to enable our children to do and work things out for themselves.  This is practiced in the Montessori classroom where the child is shown something and then encouraged to master and self-correct using the materials provided. Her talk generated much animated discussion afterwards.” RF (Ruth Fanning)

Positive Parenting

“A fantastically informative evening. Gaye touched on many topics including respect, understanding and communication. The most interesting aspect was that each of us has the answers to those burning questions relating to parenting within us, and with a little guidance and discussion we can find them. I’m really interested to hear more from Gaye. I came away with a renewed enthusiasm for my role as a parent! I will definitely be signing up for more!” JQ (Joyce Quirke)

Positive Parenting

“I felt re-charged and re-focused after Gaye’s parenting talk. It was validating to hear how strongly she believed ion Montessori education up to 12 years and beyond (as is available in the US and Australia and some European countries). Gaye’s talk reflected the Montessori approach in its emphasis on respecting the child and on following the child. As this happens in the classroom, she helped us see things through the child’s eyes and experience their world from where they are sitting. Her method allows a child become a creative, independent and competent adult and she used Google’s founders as examples of products of Montessori. I was a new, improved parent the following morning! But can I sustain it? At least I’m reminded of how I should be doing things when I bring my child to school each morning and how our school reinforces all aspects of what is best for the child”. SB (Sarah Bell)